Gregory Reid of BoomDeYada-LLC reveals the benefits of professional media training

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As media presence continues to impact both traditional and alternative communication channels, professional media training has never been in higher demand.

Aimed at improving an individual’s performance in dealing with the business news and personal media, professional media training provides a focus to address a number of key areas. Founder of brand development consultancy group BoomDeYada-LLC, Gregory Reid explains that two of these areas center around the development of messages provided to the media, and the delivery of that messaging.

“Prepare as far in advance for the news media before they arrive on your doorstep,” suggests Reid. “Professional and structured media training can guide you in shaping your message, preparing for and participating in the interview process so that you can increase the opportunity for a successful outcome.”

The primary aspects of professional media training relate to the concise and clear formulation of the message you intend to deliver and answering questions, and the using time-honored interview techniques have proven successful over the years. ” Media training can also provide import aspects related to understanding the impact of body language, pronunciation and the impact of the environment in which a media interaction takes place,” the BoomDeYada-LLC CEO adds.

According to Gregory Reid, role-playing rehearsals can be beneficial. “On the basis of a fictitious or real situation, this type of training allows for potential scenarios to be thoroughly developed and practiced,” he explains. “Media training role-playing can be made to feel incredibly realistic, with, video and a mock studio environment.”

When a studio environment video footage can be reviewed as part of the training program. This is done to highlight strengths and identify weaknesses and refine an individual’s ability to deal with real-life situations.

Reid believes that the best professional media trainers have not only an abundance of media knowledge, but also an in-depth understanding of dealing with people in general, both on a one-to-one basis, and publicly. “Firstly, it’s about understanding so-called ‘media logic,'” suggests the BoomDeYada-LLC founder. “As much as that, however, it’s about having a developed and authentic argument style – it’s about being able to quickly and accurately read other people.”

He continues, “demand for media training is growing with so much attention being paid on both a high-level national media level, as well as local print, and broadcast outlets. From both public and private organizations, management  is recognizing the benefits and risks of a media appearances, and the potential impact upon achieving business objectives.”

” Reid adds, at BoomDeYada-LLC we’re here to help organizations of all shapes and sizes lower the risk and improve the rewards of a successful media interaction.”

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